Deborah Emmanuel is a Singaporean poet, multidisciplinary artist and professional speaker. As a poet, she has been so privileged to feature at festivals like the Barcelona International Poetry Festival, the Makassar International Writers Festival and the Queensland Poetry Festival and to win competitions in Singapore, Germany and Australia. She has even been invited as a resident artist to celebrated places like Literarisches Colloquium Berlin and The Watermill Center New York.

Her work has taken her across oceans, from the spiritual settings of Bali and Kathmandu to the vibrant cities of Berlin, London and New York. Her powerful spoken word has been performed at select events like TEDx Singapore and The Performance Theatre, as well as toured alongside performance poetry sensation Sarah Kay.

Deborah’s first collection, When I Giggle In My Sleep, was published by Red Wheelbarrow Books early 2015. Her creative non-fiction work Rebel Rites, was self-published with a well-funded Pozible campaign in 2016. After the success of that, Deborah decided to release her third book Genesis: Visual Poetry Collection in 2018 with the same independence.

When not making poems, she can be found making music with her diverse projects Wobology, Mantravine, The Ditha Project, and with DJ Kiat. Sometimes she works to devise and perform theatre. Her most recent work moves poetry into the physical body to be performed without words. She has also started making visual art as a new way to experience metaphor.

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Written Word

“Deborah is undoubtedly one of the greatest natural talents I have seen in the world of poetry. She can turn up and burn the place down in a few short breaths. Some poets need to practice, rehearse, run through lines and warm up before getting onto a stage. Deborah is always a poet, always sincere, always heartbreakingly truthful and effortlessly powerful.”



Published Works


Rebel Rites

Deborah Emmanuel was a 19-year-old drama school dropout, working a soul-mashing job at a five-star hotel. She drank, smoked and had the occasional spliff or ecstasy pill. After a Monday-night party raid by the Central Narcotics Bureau, she tested positive for MDMA and THC. The next year unlocked her gates to the Singapore punitive system; a world of steel bars, squatting holes and broken women.


When I Giggle In My Sleep

When I Giggle In My Sleep is a collection of written and spoken word poems by DeborahEmmanuel. It is volume 1 of 4 in the Loud Mouth series published by Red Wheelbarrow books. These poems are a diverse collection of writing from the first 5 years of Deborah’s work. Expect intimate truths and feelings of loss and love from all the spaces between.


Twisted Roots

As long as I have been alive, I have felt alien. Outside collective identity, outside my own identity. In this poem, I am capturing two stories which I have lived simultaneously. This is a poem about two completely separate emotional states; one of longing and one of gradual acceptance. It is about a space of grappling with a being misunderstood within my otherness as well as in a time of experiencing unrequited love.


Keeping No Country

I was always drawn to Nepal. Many people are; it is an old and rich place full of deep beauty. In June 2016 I took some time to do an arts residency at The Marpha Foundation in the Mustang district. This time in the mountains shifted me into a different era of my work and career. Here I share some perspective on my solo journey to live in Marpha and find more meaning to the word ‘Home’.



“Deborah Emmanuel is one of the most exciting, challenging voices to have emerged in the Singaporean scene. To listen to her work is to listen to an artist who wears vulnerability like an armour, who uses poetry like courage. Her writing is both tender and tough, both lyrical and unapologetic. She’s one of the most important writers we have for young people who are confronting issues of true diversity, identity and experience.”



“Anchored by the profoundly heady lyricism of Singaporean poet-performer Deborah Emmanuel, Australian outfit The Ditha Project’s moody and groovy confluence of jazz, funk, folk and electronic soul is heaven-sent.”



My father had this mammoth CD collection as I was growing up. There were hundreds of discs in stacks and stacks. They made alphabetized walls on either side of the television.

From the formative times, life had a soundtrack. From Black Metal to Trance to German Reggae. Whole eras have passed with a small selection of albums on repeat.

These days I have opportunities to contribute my words and voice to songs and albums on multiple projects with many different musicians and instruments. For this I am so grateful.

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“Inspirational and transformational, Deborah resonates with the strength of her convictions. After participating in Deborah’s workshops, our writers and performers will never look at poetry the same way again.”


Private Workshop

Experience a private workshop with me, designed specifically for you to explore your creativity and confidence. I work with people of all ages and genders to push boundaries and make art. My practice comprises of writing, visualisation, vocal, rhythm, movement, meditation and performance exercises. Depending on what you want out of your workshop, I will plan a series of activities to bring out the freedom of expression within you.

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Group and School Workshop

Engage me to work with your students, organisation, writing group or friends. I have years of experience designing workshops for groups of up to 40 people, with foundations in theatre, applied drama, poetry and public speaking.

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Commission Poem & Performance

Commission me to write a poem for you for any purpose. After that I can perform it for you live. I have written poems for weddings, awareness events, galleries and corporations. Most of the time I say yes. Prices are dependent on many factors, so email me to have a discussion about what you are looking for.

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