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If I had time, I would tell you everything.

If I had time, I would tell you everything. How she was always learning to cook something new, how all her secret silk songs were of lost love, annotated dreams with no end, an...

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This poem uses lyrics from the Charles Aznavour song She. She may be the face I can’t forget The trace of pleasure or regret May be my treasure or the price I have to...


Sun and Moon

I lifted another spoonful to your mouth, wiped a crumb off from your lips, pale but perfectly formed like the now full moon. I read a story in your eyes, felt your laughter give...



There was no hesitation when I proposed. You took my rough hand in yours and said yes. It must be an eight year old thing, when matching birthdays are the basis for “Will you...



Completeness. There is always going to be a little part of me missing… in my mother’s womb from her last push, under my sister’s fingernails from our fights, a pool of tears my best...



Lying in your queen-sized bed on the floor of your pint-sized room, enclosed by walls and pockets of silent space filled with the words my splitting chest could no longer take, I knew I...



If I place myself at a time when I believed that things can last forever that time would be what has already gone. which is why in this moment sitting across from you backlit...

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I Fell In Love In Barcelona

I fell in love in Barcelona On a sunny Friday night With a fair-haired man-boy In a baby blue shirt Who sat down to face me On the synthetic green grass glowing grinning gaping...



Where does memory end and feeling begin? They are one of the same And you are but An infinite microscopic dot Which exists on every inch of the continuum.


My Heart Is An Oyster

My heart is an oyster A thousand years old Building so large a pearl That it may be sold.   Will a kind patron please Buy my used tired soul It is ancient and...